Manufacturer: ROEDERS Model: RXP 500 DS
Inventory Number: 064166 Year: 2008
Status: Sold Date Sold: 10/2016
Location: In Plant Under Power Number of Axis: 5-Axis
Tool Changer: 42 ATC Control: RMS6 CNC
Spindle: 42,000 rpm Spindle Taper: HSK-E40
X Axis: 16.7" (425 mm) A Axis: +/- 95 degrees
Y Axis: 15.8" (400 mm) B Axis: --
Z Axis: 9.5" (240 mm) C Axis: 360 x 0.001 degrees

RXP 500 DS


One used 2008 ROEDERS RXP500DS High Speed 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center:                                                                
Machine built in Soltau, Germany in 2008; first installed new in US 7/2008

--BASE MACHINE, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING--                                 
Intel Pentium based Roeders High Speed CNC control RMS6                   
Work-piece table with M8/50mm grid                                        
-Table: Machine table (9.8" diameter) with M8 threads in a 50mm grid      
 X-axis integrated turn and swivel table,special direct drive torque motor
 rotary drives with high stiffness and precision                          
-Swiveling range (A-axis): +/-95 degrees, max speed: 40 rpm               
-Turning range (C-axis): 360 degrees, max speed: 80 rpm                   
Laser tool length measuring device                                        
-For automatic tool length, diameter, custom taper and contour measurement
with breakage control                                                     
-Fully integrated into RMS6 CNC control                                   
-Safely hidden in sealed tool changer compartment                         
Automatic tool cleaning station                                           
-Compressed air-blast cleaning of cutting tool before laser measurement   
-Tool moves to the cleaning station automatically when the CLEAN cycle is 
Oil mist spray cooling system                                             
-Lubricates tool with fine oil/air mist                                   
CD-ROM Drive                                                              
Software for re-cutting partial programs                                  
-Fully integrated into the NC milling simulation program                  
Fischer 3000 to 42,000 RPM spindle, type MFW1230/42                       
-19 hp (14.0 kW)                                                          
-Maximum tool diameter 0.625in (16mm)                                     
-Includes converter, hydraulic system and oil/air lubrication             
-Fully integrated into machine control                                    
-Equipped for HSK E40 tool changer                                        
Automatic tool changer-42 positions, Auto Door                            
-Rotary style unit includes collision detection and is accessible during  
operation of the machine through a manually operated access door. The     
automatic door can be used for tool change during production time by an   
external handling device. *Note capacity is reduced to 41 positions when  
the automatic 3-D probe is stored in the toolchanger.                     
Ethernet network card                                                     
-100 Mbps, Fiber-optic type of communication for minimal interference,    
RJ45 converter with 110V power connection                                 
NC milling simulation program                                             
-Easy to use windows interface, runs directly on control                  
-Allows the operator to see graphically the cutter paths in 3D            
-Features include: zoom, pan, marking of spline points, colored layout    
of feed rates, any viewing angle, DXF and HPGL interface, calculation of  
maximum travels                                                           
3D Touch Probe (Automatic) for automatic workpiece setup                  
-Reference pin included, fully integrated into control, data transmission 
via IR-Interface                                                          
Telephone link (modem configuration)                                      
-Communications software, (PC-Anywhere) for remote operation of the       
Roeders RMS6 numerical control, which allows for faster diagnostics and   
--MACHINE OPTIONS--                                                       
Machine table with integrated 3R Macro chuck                              
-The machine table is equipped with an integrated e R Macro chuck type    
(3R-SP7359). This chuck has a minimum clamping force of 6000 N. The height
of the Z-reference elements of the chuck are located 1.06 inches (27 mm)  
above the surface of the machine table                                    
High Accuracy Package                                                     
-Measurement of spindle growth with non-contact sensor                    
-Control integration                                                      
-Cooling of spindle sleeve                                                
Automation package (RXP500DS)                                             
-Includes automatic door for robot loading and un-loading                 
-Includes DIO card for connection to an external loading system           
-Includes Roeders Job Management (MRS44750)                               
Software Interface External handling II                                   
-Includes software interface for connecting the Roeders machine control   
(RMS6) to an external handling system from: System 3R, Erowa, Fanuc, and  
-Includes the following interfaces: Workpiece and toolholder changing is  
possible with a single gripper and a double gripper                       
--MACHINE DESCRIPTION--                                                   
Work Envelope: In horizontal table position (table in 0 degree position)  
X axis..................................................   16.7" (425 mm)
Y axis..................................................   15.8" (400 mm)
Z axis...................................................   9.5" (240 mm)
*The maximum Z height (with a 4.33 inch (110 mm) tool & toolholder        
assembly) is 8.66 inch (220 mm) above the machine table without a chuck   
Table Dimensions                                                          
Diameter: 9.8" (250 mm)                                                   
Max. Workpiece Weight                                                     
132 lbs. (60 kg)                                                          
Axis Drive Motors                                                         
Linear Motors in all three axis, water cooled, torque motor direct drive  
for A & C axis                                                            
Deutsche Starr super precision linear guides with recirculating roller    
bearings, standard cooling of bearings                                    
0-1575 IPM (40M/min) on all 3 axes                                        
Machine Weight                                                            
13,000 lbs. (6,000 kg)                                                    
Machine Dimensions (including control cabinet)                            
9' wide, 8' deep, 8' high                                                 
Max. Ambient Temperature Allowed                                          
95 degrees F                                                              
All machine components are protected against contamination. With an       
industrial vacuum cleaner, graphite, cast iron and plastic can be         
The machine is equipped with a full enclosure                             
Chiller for tempering of the spindle, drives and cabinet                  
-CONTROL DESCRIPTION-                                                     
PC based control uses two Pentium 2.8 GHz level computers                 
15" flat screen monitor                                                   
Control operates under Windows 2000 PRO                                   
Easy to learn, user friendly Windows interface                            
256 Mbytes RAM (more RAM available on request)                            
80 Gigabyte hard drive (larger drives available on request)               
Industry leading 10,000 block look ahead, less than 0.1 mil. sec. bp time 
CNC control automatically assign best acceleration/deceleration based on  
cutter path geometry                                                      
Standard CNC can control up to 5 axes simultaneously                      
PLC interface allows for easy connection of accessories                   
Software axis limit switches                                              
Built in "post" postprocessor allows Roeders control to run CAM files     
configured for other machines control formats without requiring           
"reposting" for Roeders format                                            
User can control which G and M codes to disregard when running part files 
Machine history file stores ongoing machine history information: name of  
file run, when it was run, total run time, error codes, etc.              
Automatic 2D cutter radius compensation with collision detection          
Automatic 3D cutter radius compensation (CAD file must give XYZ of tool   
tip and tool vector)                                                      
Automatic sister tool function changes tools during operation (based in   
cut distance)